Metal Framing

RCM can deliver both interior and exterior light gauge steel framing. Whether your needs are structural or exclusively for interior spaces, we have the experience to get the job done right.


Metal framing walls with metal studs are the preferred choice for many load bearing walls for commercial construction. The primary advantage of metal framing and studs, is that they will not warp under pressure, or over time.


Extra benefits of metal framing include being impervious to fire, rot, termites, and splitting, which are associated with traditional wooden studs. Plus, steel studs are both lighter and cheaper than wood.


Despite the benefits of metal framing over the traditional use of wood, cutting steel studs is more difficult than lumber, especially with unusual dimensions.


Fortunately, RCM have lots of commercial experience on large scale projects, and are highly skilled in metal stud framing and metal framing.


Our extensive experience in building metal framed walls makes us a contractor of choice in Panama City Beach, Florida, and the surrounding areas.


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